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"Susai’s vocal talents – mimicry, beatboxing, sound effects and accents – take his audiences all around the globe. As a product of 21st century globalisation, he is out to prove that when it comes to unravelling the cultures of the world, the only truly universal language is laughter." ~ The West Australian.

Who is Xavier Susai?

With a wide range of vocal skills, he delivers a unique style of comedy incorporating his broad experiences as part of a highly diverse and entertaining performance. To no surprise, his talent has earned him a National Finalist placing in both of Australia’s signature comedy competitions- Triple J’s RAW and Green Faces in 2007. Consequently, Xavier performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at the prestigious Melbourne Town Hall which was broadcast on ABC National television.

In a mere 3 years of performing comedy, he has already performed alongside some of Australia’s best comedians, some of which include, Julia Morris, Tom Gleeson, Dave Grant, Pommy Johnson, Reginald D Hunter, Jim Dailakis, Chris “The Bloke” Franklin, Claire Hooper, Jeff Greene [UK], Dan Willis [UK], Gordon Southern [UK], Greg Fleet, Brendan Burns [Edinburgh IF Winner], Michael Chamberlin, Bruno Lucia, Peter Rowsthorn and Dave Callan. Xavier Susai is also famous for playing 'Pakistani Secret Agent 90210' in the box office hit film "Tomorrow never Dies...unless you have cholera today."


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11th / January / 2010

I'm on Facebook! Become a fan if you want in on some earlybird action previews on the marketing campaign and trailers to happen this year!


5th / January / 2010

This site is up, contact deails down below. I'm working on some comedy programmes and packages for the next few months alongside some of the best writers and comedians in the UK and Australia. Tune in for details later in the year!